Commercial Work / Other Activities

Work for Vattenfall Wind FarmsFish Tickler III is ideal for a range of commercial activities:

  • Film/TV crews
  • Express delivery port to port or port to ship
  • Crew transfer to ships or wind farms
  • Scattering of ashes at sea.


The skipper is an accomplished cornet player so can play the last post/any hymn tune as part of the ceremony for scattering of ashes.


Costs will depend on the type and duration of the activity.  Please contact us for a competetive quote.  

All prices quoted for commercial work will include 20% VAT.


Guard boat for rowers across the Channel



Neil Forsyth and Derek Stillie practising on their home ground

A recent example of commerical work undertaken involved taking out news reporters to the Principality of Sealand
prior to the international football match between Sealand and the Chagos Islands. Pictured here is the President of
Sealand's FA, writer Neil Forsyth, and footballer Derek Stillie practising on their home ground.

"We had a brilliant day on the boat. Punctual, friendly, professional service and a truly luxury boat"

Neil Forsyth




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